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Simple Steps to Dominate the Major Porn Sites
Have you ever wanted to promote anything on porn sites? Than you know how hard it is. You come to right place! Start promoting affiliate products, cpa offers or anything else with mass porn commenting bot!
Latest Version 2.8
Supported Sites:
- Xhamster
- SpankBang
- SpankWire
- Vporn
- ExtremeTube
- Gotporn
- Youjizz
- 4Tube
Vigro Software Interface

What is VIGRO pornbot? VIGRO porn chatbot is the only software you will ever need to successfully promote your offers or services. Are you a adult webmaster? Than you know how hard it is to promote your adult website online. You are at the right place! Use our free trial offer to test how powerful can our VIGRO sex bot porn be.

VIGRO Porn Chatbot

Our software uses very simple interface to dominate all the major porn websites with your desired chat message. Send 100s of chats and message to notify people of your offers, products or services.


Super Simple Interface

  1.  Set delay between comments (Seconds)
  2.  Set Number Of Comments Per Account
  3.  Import Proxy File (Format: Proxy:Port)
  4.  Type In Message You Want To Bulk Post
    (Spintax Supported)
  5.  Load Username File
  6.  Load Password File
  7.  Load Video Urls
  8. And finally press RUN!


  • Multi Threaded Commenting
  • Proxy Support
  • 5 Sites Included (More Coming Soon)
  • Automated Posting
  • Constantly Updated

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Are you looking for a naughty and simple way to use a computer to have fun with free porn? Look no further. PornBot is the simplest and fastest way to do it. All you need is a web browser, an internet connection and a bank account.

Some Of The Earnings

It's a really small, effective tool that can get you almost all the names and emails of the people who are actually in the conversation. The name is just a password and you don't even have to give the person an email address. You can use PornBot to watch pornography at anytime you want. All you need is to type "Pornbot" into your search engine and your desktop becomes a free porn chatroom.

There are plenty of free porn chat sites on the internet, so make sure you don't go to the wrong ones. PornChat, PornDisco, PornEmpire and Fap To Free Porn are three good choices that are highly rated by millions of users.

You can set up the sites to accept any number of sex bot porn bots so it is easy to browse the site from any browser. Just load up the browser with PornBot and click on the icon on the top right corner of the screen. A web page will pop up showing the whole free porn chatbot.

You will see several options on the page including a cartoon bot which you can use as a toy or a real life doll. You can even set it to cum and make love on command. Just enter your password and click the button and the computer will start acting like a sex robot ready to please.

The funny thing is that not everyone can stop laughing at this innocent piece of software. I got one wrong.

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The best part about using the PornBot is that it can be used with free adult chat sites as well. But this is the only feature the PornBot is missing.

When I first tried using this free chatbot, I realized how fun it was to see the sex chatting taking place right before my eyes. You will feel like you are really there and you can actually leave comments and record them yourself.

All this is possible because the Sexy ChatBot also logs all the pornographic conversations so you don't have to. You can even leave erotic or suggestive messages and it will pop up as if you were actually speaking to a real person.

You can even track the memberships of these free porn chatbots and enjoy it as much as the money you get for using it. Your friends may even tell you about it and share their experiences with the PornBot.

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